Blackberry Curve 9300 Mobile Phone


There will be a good few people out there who will disagree with this position in the “White List”, but, what the hell!

The Blackberry Curve 9300, especially for me as a Writer/Author and a serious minded Business Director of Multimedia & Technology Company here in the UK, know’s that there are certain phones out there that can offer more than the Blackberry 9300, but more to me is “Too Much”. The mere understanding of the 9300 is like being told in Laymen’s Terms instead of this Technological, long speech babble that they call ‘Specifications’, ‘Schematics’ and the like.

As a businessman I get the right angle on Pictures, Calendar, WordToGo, Memo Pad, Maps and, of course, the all important ability to make Calls, send Emails, SMS, MMS and Surf the Internet with built in GPS, Wi-Fi and Edge. The Blackberry 9300 for me is my complete Mobile Office that gives me the Freedom and ability to reach out to the world with a single thought and action of picking up the Slim and Sexy Blackberry Curve in my hand.

The 2.0 Mega-Pixel Camera is ample for taking pictures of “The Moment”, while the Calendar serves my purposes from day to day by letting me know exactly where I need to be and who I need to be seeing for any important meetings. With the additional “WordToGo” which cost “£9.95” from the Blackberry Apps Store (On my Phone) I am able to write my work on the go whenever my Android or laptop loses the juice, also Spreadsheets, PDF Presentations can be prepared for that last minute deal to be signed, sealed and delivered.

 With its built in Memo Pad, I can take simple Notes or just enter a quick and easy Task To Do later, when at last I get the five minutes between work and play. If I’m out and about and through no fault of mine or the Client, my trusted 9300 Curve can pinpoint my location using the latest 3G/Wi-Fi/Edge installations and direct me to where I need to go – OK, so Google Earth is  great, fast and more convenient, but not when your in a Black Spot for Reception to access the Internet – and so the location finder is not that hard to figure out. Also, with the Edge and 3G, I am able to make calls virtually anywhere in the country (Except for the Major Black Spots that block ALL signals), Email Clients, Family and Friends as easily as making a quick call. And, for those rare moments where I can get to relax for five minutes or so, there are the Games or the Internet Browser where I can surf the Web to find out what’s going on in the world. Basically, what I have in my hands is the perfect Work Companion as well as the perfect Private Companion also.

As I have only one gripe with the Blackberry Curve 9300, which is the same as everyone else that owns one, too, is the Alarm Tone – It is permanent and cannot be changed by the User – with its Xylophone like noise that after a while really does your…head in! It is a definite “Waker-Upper” though, if I may say so myself.

With all this technology wrapped into one single slimline, light Mobile Phone, what else would there be to have? Oh, yeah, an MP3 Player…well, the 9300 has one of those, too, as it has the Bluetooth ability to transmit your music to your car stereo (Stereo Additional) where you can listen to the latest music of your favourite bands. Still not enough? Well, with the latest in Authoring Software available on the Internetwork, you can Convert AVI, VOB and MPEG Films to MP4, which can then be played and viewed on your Blackberry Phone (Copyright may exist in many films, so check this first before you convert). The picture quality is clear, crisp and can manage the bottom run of the ladder when talking HD.

Beg for more? OK, so how about Texting for FREE? With the built in Blackberry Chat, you can talk to virtually anyone who wishes to talk to you – as long as they enable or download the Blackberry Action Pack. With this you give the people you want to have the PIN to your Chat on your Mobile Phone and the rest…well, its history.

So, summing everything up is as easy as One, Two, Three. You have everything and more on a Phone that is easy to use, easy to set-up and even easier to understand the Gobbledy-Gook that most Salesmen give you when your on the lookout for a new Handset. With a price range that is within reach of the average person who is into their Gadgets and Technology, it is this Gadget that I would give a Big Thumbs Up on.

If for any reason I have become too technical in this review, then please accept my sincere apologies and let me know what it was about the Blackberry Curve 9300 you didn’t understand and I will forward the “Schematics” to you via email.

S.M.M.T Review Vote: 9/10 (10/10 if it wasn’t for that damned Fixed Alarm)

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