Provident Insurance

The beauty of Provident Insurance…Well, there is NO beauty of Provident Insurance (UK), because Provident Insurance is Corrupt, Incompetant and above all they are Rip-Off Merchants of the highest degree – They being one of the many Corporate Entities that steam roll and walk over their Customers. Customers that feed their mighty machine of Richies and Fortune that would be laid out with the spoils of their misery against the thousands that sign on the dotted line of these decomissioned Estate Agents of business.

Before YOU sign on that dotted line (And I really hope that you do not) for your Car Insurance and any other fancy thrills that they may offer you to become a Valued (Yeah, right) Customer, then read on.

My vehicle a Citroen C3 VTR came off the road (Slightly), where the front of the spoiler was broken and the car stalled due to the water pump dislodging and emptying. Of course, the vehicle was able to drive without the front Spoiler being attached, but it was advised that I didn’t do this by the RAC Rescue. Nearly three years later, while Provident Insurance (Who bought and took over Heath & Lambert Insurance) sent out an “Experienced Motor Engineer” to check on the damage just eight days after the incident took the £4,000 pounds car off of the road. Now, here is where the “Behind the scenes” part of this statement that takes a turn for the conclusions of the reader.

Take a look at these picture which were taken after the collision with a grass verge in Bramham.

Now, according to the “Experienced Motor Engineer” (Or Arthur Daley, as I would like to call them, but can’t for legal reason’s) this vehicle is a Category C (Full Write Off). You may disagree if you wish, as my very own Mechanic and restorer has disagreed to the maximum since recieving this vehicle only one week after the Cat C was applied (Illegally). Of course, when the claim was made against the £4,000 that I had paid for the vehicle, the obvious $$$$$ signs must have lit up like a fracking christmas tree to The Provident Insurance Entity – Pay out quick and increase the Premiums, yeah, yeah, bloody yeah. When in fact it was Nay, Nay, Nay! Let me explain further.

Due to a stupid old woman in Wetherby (A hazardous Cyclist, nonetheless) who side swiped my vehicle, I was given 6 points on my license by a Judge that was obviously an avid cyclist himself, and obviously instructed me that I had to inform DVLA – Not the insurance company – which I did. When the freak snow weather came and claimed my steering on the road, of course, they were not informed by DVLA or the Law Courts of these given points. So, when I informed them that I had been given them, immediately, my claim was rejected, but not before they had placed a Category C on the vehicle. What appeared to be a straight forward money maker for the Provident Insurance Entity suddenly became a Money Spinner all round and also a very bad headache.

They were arrogant on the telephone, totally oblivious to inside communication from one department to the other and even passed the Buck onto MIAFTR and DVLA, by saying that they weren’t responsible for the Category C being placed on my car. Yet, they told me in their arrogance that under No circumstances should the car be put back on the road! An assessment of the car by several independant Mechanics acquired the details from Provident Insurance Entitie’s “Experienced Motor Inspector”, and boy, did they laugh? They even made me crack a smile in my darkest hour with what they told me.

According to the “Experienced Motor Inspector” the Citroen C3 VTR that you see above was a “Total Loss”, or “TL” as they say. And one other thing that people should know about these that “Inspect” vehicles is that my car was done at “National Breakdown Garage” in Leeds, where I indeed know one of their mechanics and they are at the mercy of the Insurance Entities. So, moving on, the car (My car) was flagged as a “Write Off”. Unfortunately, my Independant Mechanics who have been in the business for more than 20+ years disagree strongly and have unnofficially said that the “Experienced Motor Inspector” must be that of an inexperienced “Motor Inspector” or a “Pen Pusher” who has had dozens of successful “Simulated” Inspections, but this being their first physical field assessment has messed up good style. Once again, money came priority over the Customer.

So that there is no misunderstanding’s made from the “Points” that are on my license – and only 6 points over my 5 years of safe driving before and since being endorsed- the Insurance Companies add £50 per point on your insurance to show that being endorsed is nothing to be proud of. In this respect, you can imagine the cringes and blood spitting that Provident Insurance Enitity played out when I switched Insurance Companies for my vehicle that I purchased two weeks after the car was illegally categorised and was hit with a huge Insurance Premium on Fully Comp and additional protections of £634 for the first year, and a reduction in payment when (and I did) get my first years No Claims. My brother has never had to claim or be claimed against in his six years of driving history, so you can imagine his loathing, too, when he gets a bill for more than £700+ a year for his Rover 1.8.

My stark warning and this post is to warn Motorists that Insurance Companies are not your friend, they are money making “Corporate Entities” that will bleed you dry in Premiums, take away the one motion object that you love one way or another and they WILL lie to you through small print or their “Corporate Entity Monkeys BS” that work a 9 to 5 job earning immoral wages for the spread of misery upon the people who are paying their wages. The sad thing is, these miserable Customers who become victims are nonethewiser of the end game, and yet, when it DOES happen to YOU – and it will – the shady broken laws of this country will stand by them to sugar coat the results and make YOU out to be the criminal.

Thank you, Provident Insurance Entity for making the “Black List”, and thank you for entertaining the 2 Million readers that follow “The Network” each month throughout its 40+ Blogsites. But hey, don’t be disgruntled, because for the 2 million people that read this, the upside will be that your Investors and those that TRUST your word will probably believe the contorted red tape, shifted laws, Terms and Conditions and the Contracts that they sign will commit them to staying with your Lies, Deceit and Misery that make you rich beyond that of a fairy tale.

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