The Black List 2011

Contrary to popular belief, The Black List is an ascending inventory of “Marked” characters; Individual’s, Companies, Organisations and/or Corporations that have, through fault of their own, or otherwise, become an “Avoidable” entity within the public, private or work place. Having said this, it is not down to a specific name that appears on a “Black List”, that people work from or find just in avoiding. It is, however, the intentions made clear at the time of creating such a “Black List”, which instigates a “Psychological Response” to others who read them.

Where the listed are clear to view, it is without a doubt that there will invoke some kind of response; if I was ever to be found on anyone’s “Black List” I would burn the Earth to find justification in Revenge”. And, pretty much things like that. However, just because I would be found on a “Black List”, I would look at ways in which to be removed. It stands to reason, that if a product I sold was in any way not as it should be (Which I reassure all our products are from source and manufacturers who take Customer Care seriously), and I walked, climbed and pursued every road possible to avoid fixing this problem, then I would have no choice but to accept the justification of someone putting me on their “Black List”. There is no law saying that we have to justify our decision to include a name on any “Black List”, therefore, that is where the whole thing gets messy. But, even when an explanation is given as to why the name has been included, that name could argue for eternity that they are right, and that I am wrong!

Being a very high “Mitigating World” that we live in today, it is not in the name being on “The Black List” which succumbs to the court room, but the explanation – in many cases – as to why they are there. At the top of everyone’s “Black List” would most probably be The Inland Revenue. Just because they take chunks of money from us that we could well be doing with, while at the same time without Taxes, the countries of the world would not function properly. But there are limits.

For my own “Black List”, I prefer not to number the entrants. If you saw 1. The Inland Revenue, then people would start to think that “The Inland Revenue” was the Number 1 placement continually on “The Black List”. So, I am going to keep it not only “Justified” by adding the entrants in no particular order, but also keep it real by briefly describing the facts of why they are on “The Black List”. A short theoretical note will follow this as to how they could possibly be removed from the list, although it is unlikely in some cases that the named entrant would do anything in the way of “Changing” for the sake of being on the list in the first place.

Taking it that everyone knows and understands the purpose and fundamentals of this project, I now give you “The Black List”, as compiled by myself. If you are on this list, and you feel that the brief explanation of why YOU are on it is “Unjust” then please, email me for a further, more detailed “Explanation”.

Please Note: “The Black List” is compiled by the opinions of one, or more people, therefore, it carries no responsibility in loss of sales, confidence, character, or decision making of any individual outside the opinions herein of the author. In other words, just because I believe an entrant should be on a “Black List” doesn’t mean that others should act on my decisions to boycott present or future communication, purchases or otherwise. It is an extension of “Free Speech” and my “Human Rights”, to air views upon the named, mentioned, unless it causes unjust damage to the entrant.