Through these pages of Storm Multi-Media Technoogies “Tech News & Releases”, we will report on all the latest gadgets and products that we feel you should be informed about.  Whether these products are New, Upgraded or just worth shouting out about, they will be found here on these pages.

Like our GNC Blog (Games Network Corner Blog), bringing the Customer up to date on certain products and technology and releases is as simple as 1, 2…OK!  We pride ourselves in the future of all new products, but at the same time, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with those products that work to the specifications that make the customers feel good about purchasing.  If there is a product that we feel should be reviewed because of certain Flaws [It happens], then we will place that product and a full description of its glitch here.  If a product is High on the “Wish Lists” of many happy customers throughout the UK, or the Globe as a whole, then you will read about it here.

Tech News & Releases is a service that we provide to the Customers and Potential Customers of Storm Multi-Media Technologies (UK) FREE of charge, of course, because it is a Blog.  The time used in creating the review and the articles are made from time we spend looking for products and news on new products hitting the “Wish Lists”, not the High Street, although, many Upgraded Products; A DVD Player that has been modified to play both DVD & BluRay, for example, will also be seen throughout these pages, too.

Our aim with Tech News & Releases, is to keep you, the customer, up to date with the ever changing environment of technology and gadgetry.  If a new Games Console is released – PS4, Xbox 3, Wii 2 – We will report it here. New Smartphone, Personal Computer, GPS, SatNav, Televisions, DVD Players, BluRay and many more will be found here.

Flaws in a product, search our pages which will be Subject Headed on the drop down.  Manufacturer Sueing another Manufacturer, then you’ll find that here, too.  This is the entire News Market for Products that Storm Multi-Media Technologies (UK) intend or hope to sell within our company, but without the faults or flaws.

Marcus De Storm