Mini-DV Camera


The Mini DV is a great alternative to conventional CCTV for the times when you don’t want people to know they’re on camera. Self-contained, and with no cables to hide, it’s perfect for all sorts of covert surveillance and ideal for journalists, private investigators, or businesses that want to keep an eye on the cash register if the figures don’t add up and they suspect someone of being light-fingered.

The Mini DV is small enough to conceal in almost any location. You could put it inside a pack of chewing gum or cigarettes and it’ll quietly record everything that’s going on in its line of sight. Even if you simply placed it somewhere unobtrusive, chances are it wouldn’t even be noticed!

With a record time of up to two hours per charge, the Mini DV records AVI video files onto a Micro SD Card (Max 8Gb) that can be played back on a computer .

The Mini DV camera is the ideal device to capture video and sound while on the move, whether you are simply riding a bike or about to carry out a parachute jump the Mini DV comes complete with a variety of clips and brackets to allow you to simply carry out this task.

The Mini DV is tiny size and simple to operate making it ideal for both amateurs and experienced users.

  • Records both Audio and Video
  • Support AVI video format.
  • Records under low light illumination.
  • Support 30 fps for 720*480 video shoot and output.
  • Support USB1.1 and USB2.0.
  • Support 8GB SD card.(maximum)
  • Build-in lithium battery for up to two hours of recording or standby of up to 250 hours.

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