A Niche Website can be only as good as its “Writer’s”, because without the “Writer’s” there is no Niche.

Contrary to popular belief, the Niche Sites that sit within the World Wide Web start out as a ‘Driver’ for the Moderator’s and sometimes the owners, too, but the buried secret of these websites which are rarely revealled is that they have a ‘Clients’ list of ‘Advertisers’. It is this list which makes these Moderator’s…rich, or poor, whatever direction the site goes.

The decision to join up with HubPages was exactly the same as joining up with the other Niche Sites on the Internet – To join, observe, research and report the overall experience had on them. With HubPages, however, the joining was pretty straight forward, except when it came time to ‘Post’ an article, which the plan was already to execute, but for the fact of reading a half dozen “Hubs” as they call the Users Posts.

In total there were around fourteen posts read in the space of 24 hours, and from these fourteen posts we were painted a picture which did not (and has not) boded well for the Niche Site. According to 10 out of the 14 User’s posting Hubs, they had been violated by “Net Thieves”, the gutless word stealers who take other Writer’s work and use them as their own without giving any thought or consideration to the original Authors. The problem with Niche Site Writing, is that from hard work put in, the payments aren’t that great unless the Niche Moderator’s get the vast amount of traffic from those uploading the Articles. Even then, the payment could be peanuts, but to the Writer’s who don’t care about the money – but care enough that these Plaguers are stealing their work – become the victims that they never thought they would be.

Unfortunately, for The Network, the silence was broken and a Comment was posted to a User who had been abused by a “Plaguerist” that stole not just one ‘Article’, but three, and for this being made public across the “HubPages” platform, we believe it was a small sacrifice to make. Our very own finger print on “HubPages” is shown below, but because the statistics were so high from the number of “Users” work we read, the decision not to post at the moment was made. The sequence of questions were raised about the Niche Site; would our articles be hit by plaguerism? Would our work make money for others? Would we discover whether our work had been stolen from the site, and, would we be protected if this was to happen?

After the Comment was posted, it came to pass that the Author of the Hub wrote back, obviously she was kind and couteous about the statement that we had left, but at the same time she was defiant to the fact that she would not allow the plaguers to beat her by leaving the Hub.

For us here on “The [MKDS] Network 2012”, we feel that for the time being, HubPages is a “Miss Site” one that should be moderated a lot more, a lot better, and the Moderaters should take care of their Members and the Members should have more to give as to peace of mind in the Articles which they post. This we believe is not much to ask for, but according to the Users that use it everyday, the site has become an almost second home and one which is going to take more than “Automated Apologies” to keep the heat off of their backs.

Though there may be some “Readers” who are reading this article and thinking that our post is wrong, or that the post could be very damaging for the HubPages Moderator’s, we have to point out that we are Members of this Niche and that the evidence is on the Site itself, rom the Users themselves and written in black white. The trust in which these Posters place in these sites daily is absolutely staggering, though not all Niche Sites are the same. Unless we unite as a group – a family – within the Communities, then unfortunately, we are going to fail in our goals of reaching a larger audience while the perpetraiters go on to repost other articles.

© Marcus De Storm 2012/ The Network 2012